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But first... Happy Hour!...


Bouza &Bouze!

Another Khalil's Original

Bouza is ice cream in Arabic

Baklava Sundae - 5 


Homemade Baklava & Vanilla ice cream

- Add Chambourd - 2

- Add Grand Marnier - 2

Happy Hour

Small Plates, 5



Baba Ganough

ImportedBeers, 7


Alfa - Greece

Almaza - Lebanon

Estrella Damm - Spain

Efes - Turkey

Peroni - Italy 

Birra Moretti


Middle Eastern Cocktails, 8


Pom Fig Martini

Wardi al Wadi

Sweet Rose Lemonade + Vodka

Damascus Summer Nights

Beirut Breeze

Santorini Summer

(Please see descriptions on cocktail page)



Family Style

All items below are ala carte

Serves 4 - 6



Mazza - 14

Hummus, Baba Ganough, Dolmas, Vegetables, Imported Feta Cheese, Kalamata Olives, HousemadeLifit 

Lamb  Shish Kebab - 56

 skewers of Lamb kebab

- each additional skewer, add + 14

Buttered Rice Pilaf with Orzo, topped with toasted Almonds - 28

Khalil's Signature Salad - 30

- add Imported Feta Cheese, Kalamata Olives & Handmade Lifit - 8

Spanakopita - 45


Felafel - 36

Dolmas - 36

Baklava Tray - 36



Introducing Khalil's Mediterranean Summer Time "Escape Plans"!


We're kicking off Summer... Mediterranean Style!

"Mishwee" (Grilling) is what Syrians do, all throughout the country, but especially in our little village of Miklos, because we love the smell of lamb on the grill, the fresh mountain air, the music, dance, each other & life, itself!

In addition, our​ Summer Time Mediterranean Picnic Basket offers a delicious option for Vegetarians!


*Items subject to change due to availability of inventory

*Pick up only. Orders must be placed 7 days in advance.

*Please order at

Khalil’s Summer Time Picnic Basket



Serves 2 Includes


Wicker Picnic Basket | Plates | Flatware | Cloth Napkins | Salt & Pepper Shaker | Corkscrew 

Hummus | Baba Ganough | Syrian Potato Salad | Dolmas | Spinach pies |  Feta Cheese | Olives

Zatar Pita Chips | Pita Bread | Dried apricot | Nuts | Figs  Chocolates | Baklava

1 Bottle of Sito’s Mediterranean Dressing

1 Sito's Mediterranean Shopping Bag

6 Pack Almaza Lebanese Beer

*Due to PA LCB laws, wine pictured in photo will be replaced with a 6 pack of Almaza Lebanese Beer, we apologize


Khalil's Summer Time"Mishwee" Grill Kit


Serves 2 Includes

Stainless Steel Reusable Shish Kabob Grill Set. Rack is Foldable, Portable, Dishwasher Safe and can be used on grill grates in charcoal, gas and electric grills. 


(6)Stainless Steel Skewers | (50)Extra bamboo sticks for future use | (2)Skewers of Shrimp Kebab | (2)Skewers of Lamb | (2)Skewers of Assorted Vegetables | 6 pack of Lebanese Almaza Beer | Syrian Potato Salad | Khalil’s Famous Salad (Dressing on side) | Hummus | Dolmas | Kalamata Olives | Imported Feta Cheese | Zat’ar Pita Chips | Pita Bread | Fresh Fruits | Baklava | Chocolates | Bottle Sitos Mediterranean Salad Dressing | Sito’s Mediterranean Shopping Bag

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